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Theme park "Factory and Chocolate Museum" in Athens

Visit the "Factory and Chocolate Museum" - it's an amazing, memorable, develop and dining experience. Here you and your children watch, learn how to prepare chocolate and sweets, sweets made with their own hands and try their own cooking "masterpieces".

The park is divided into departments and sections:

In the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate can learn all about chocolate exotic tree and see real samples of its fruit and seeds.

In the Temple of the Aztecs, you will learn a lot about the Indians and their culture, as well as their legends and incredible stories about cocoa.

In the Amazon jungle you will be developing a unique tour, where a small area of ​​the jungle created simulated real conditions of heat and high humidity.

The wooden hut Amazon thanks to modern technological means you will be able to track the history of chocolate in Europe.

At the Chocolate Factory have the opportunity to participate in the stages of production (with an incredible interactive laboratory for children) and packaging of chocolate ... and of course it all a try!

At the factory for the production of cookies, you will get acquainted with the process of making biscuits in one of the laboratories will be able to cook your own sweet souvenir!

At the dairy plant can be photographed (and not only) on the fabulous backdrop of a small farm.

On quality control in the chemical laboratory of the plant with a single "magic" of the scientist you know, for what should be monitored both consumers and, most interestingly, will be able to

watch the spectacular "chocolate" experiment.

A time machine for playful maze you are transported to the places and times where "traveled" and chocolate.

In a secret room, you will see the biggest chocolate waterfall in Europe, where 1,200 liters of the chocolate will flow in front of you!

The audience of children learning in a fun way learn how to brush your teeth and keep track of the oral cavity. And also receive a commemorative gift.

The room Chocko Αrt, dedicated to culture and art, you can enjoy the sculptures, paintings, works of art, comics and photo exhibition dedicated to the theme of chocolate.

On the caramel factory, you will see how to make caramel with obligatory tasting "freshest" caramel.

In the hall you can browse ozhizhaniya a book Sweet library posvschennoy theme chocolate, cookies and ice cream.

In the souvenir shop you can choose and buy commemorative sweets yourself and loved ones.

In Shokoladnitsa if you wish, you can make your own drink from this melted chocolate (for the add. Fee).

Currently the park is open daily from 09:00 to 19:00, on Saturdays from 11:00 to 21:00 and on

Sundays - from 11:00 to 19:00.

Entrance fee: € 7

 ADDRESS: Helexpo

                      Kifisias avenue 39

                      Marousi 151 23

Phone: (30) 210 61 68 456 - 7 - 8