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Greece on the sixth place in the world in the number of five-star hotels

Greece among the 10 countries in the world with the largest number of five-star hotels, according to a recent survey, which carried out the trivago.

Greece is on the second place among the 10 countries with the largest number of five-star hotels around the world. The number of hotels in this category in Greece reaches approximately 420, representing 2% of the hotel base of the country.

First place in this list is China with about 2,940 five-star hotels, which is about 2% of their hotel complexes. Followed by Turkey with approximately 800 five-star hotels, which make up 6% of the total number of hotels. In third place - Mexico with about 670 five-star hotels (7% of the hotel base). Followed by Italy, which has about 450 five star hotels (1%) and five covers India with 430 five-star hotels (2%).

After Greece, on the 7th place is Spain with about 335 hotels 5 * (1%), followed by the US, with its 330 five star hotels (0.4%) and the top ten in this ranking close to the United Kingdom 320 (1%) and South Africa , siting about 285 hotels 5 * (4%). It should be noted as well that there are countries, such as Egypt or United Arab Emirates, where 10% of the hotel - a 5 * hotel, but the total number of its hotels are outside the top ten.

If we look at the level of cities, Beijing - in first place, followed by Shanghai, ranking second and Istanbul - third. Marrakech is the fourth largest in London - the fifth. This is followed by two Chinese cities - Sanya and Canton. On the 8th place in Dubai and closes the top ten cities with the highest 5 * hotel - Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) and the Chinese city of Hangzhou.